Junaid Malik 

Hi there my name is Junaid.

I have been developing games and applications with Unity and C# since 2013.

Mainly mobile/console casual games but I also do AR and VR projects.

Other things I enjoy working with are Unreal Engine, ASP.NET Core & Angular.


Contact me at : junaidmalik.rm@gmail.com



What I do?

Unity Development

Window, Android, iOS, Web GL, Oculus Rift S,
Oculus Quest 2, HTC Vive, Gear VR, Holo Lens 2

Unreal Engine

Interactive app development, Architecture Visualization, VR collaborative solution

ASP Net Core / MVC

API Development, MVC, 

Park VR

VR Driving Simulator

Oculus, Desktop PC


Airport Sim

Airport VR Simulator

Oculus, Desktop PC

Driving Sim

Collbarotive VR Application

Oculus, Desktop PC

AR App

AR App

AR App iOS, Android

Space Shuttle Commander

Space Shuttle Commander

PS VR Game

An immersive VR project to create a living and breathing park.

Worked on Level Design and Effects.



iPad, Casual Game

Casual bike time trial game.

Responsible for Scripting, Animation and Effects.

Edgar Mitchell VR Experience

Android, JavaScript mini-game

Worked on creating a prototype for a virtual reality

AR Kit Game

Christmas AR Kit Game

iOS C#, Casual Game

We developed a fun mini-game for our client head office event. I worked with in our in house 3D Desginer to create a fun game showcasing teams AR Kit capabiltiies.

Pogrammed the game logic, sounds effect and AR interactions in C#, XCode built for the iPad Air.

Balloon Popping Game

3D Balloon popping game

Unity 3D, C#, Casual Game

Created a fun interactive balloon popping game to tie in with client video advert.

Programmed game logic in C#, liased with 3D Designer and Digital Designer. Built for Samsung Tab S3 Android 7.0

B&J Remote Game

B&J Prize Game In Store

Unity 3D, Casual Game

The client wanted a simple game for clients in store to win prizes in a fun and intuitive way.

WON Gold Award in campaign and Experiential category of the POPAI Awards 2017.

Collaborated with front end designer and utilised wireless remote for people to win prizes. Worked on javascript code for remote control mechanic.

Felix VR 360 Video

Unity C#

Client wanted to engage its customers with an immersive 360 VR experience.

WON Gold Award in Shopper Influence category of the FMBE Awards.

Created intial prototypes for the project and provided consultation on VR best practises. Project was done as 360 rendering rather than real time for imporved graphical performance.

VR Forest

VR Plank Game

HTC Vive, C#, Windows

Client wanted an experience to utilise the small that there often is in-store.

We developed an immersive  VR game where you can explore a large city and experience high heights which you fall off if you walk out too far

Pogrammed the game logic and VR interactions in C#, Steam VR.

3D Cycling Game

Match 3 Game

Unity 3D, C#, Casual Game

Client wanted a way to bring their ad to life with a fun game. The game made a connection to server which told it if the payer had won or not based upon this a phone rang and the player listened to their winning message.

Programmed game logic in C#, liased with web developer to create server on raspberry pi.

Whack a "Mole" Game

Unity 3D, Casual Game

The client wanted a simple game to demonstrate some the features of their new product. 

I created a whack a mole type game and with the help of artists in the team created the assets to match the clients vision.

Programmed the game in C#, with a clean OOP architecture.

Web GL mini-game

Consulted, VR support.

Client wanted to engage its customers with a seasonal experience as a web app.
The web app used gyscope to immerse players in the web app which allowed to search for objects in the virtual world.

I was the Lead programmer. Architected and desgined the game logic and interactions with JavaScript. Liased with Front End Developer who created all the animations, HTML CSS.

VR Forest

Casual VR Shooter game

HTC Vive, C#

Client wanted a fun way to engage customers in a interactive VR experience, upon completing an obtaining a score customers won prizes.

I was Lead programmer, architected game logic, interactions, events, and sound programming, in C#.

3D Cycling Game

Interactive Environments

Unity 3D, Level Design

We had some down time and the team challenged itself to create environments using ONLY custom / Unity Free Assets in a days work.

I created three different landscapes each with an interesting design that would intrigure a player to explore it.

Environment 1: Link

Environment 2: Link

Environment 3: Link

Interactive Photobooth


Client wanted an interactive photobooth that worked with a mechanic that enticed customers to explore what was hidden inside the stand.

I developed a low cost solution to a networking problem by investigating different technologies and experimenting with sophisticated set ups.

My proposed solotuion prevented the project from going over budget by £70,000

I created a wireless network that connected automatically and synced DSLR Cameras to iPads. The backend was automated to collect photos and to send them to cloud DB by the end of the activity each day.

Buzzer Prize Game


Collborated with desginers to create an interactive in store reaction game to win prizes.

I worked on the interaction of getting a phsyical button working the game.

Programmed in JavaScript

VR Forest

VR Forest

Cardboard VR, Unity 3D

Client wanted a VR experience to tie in with their deforestration campaign in London.

Programmed the animation and effects with C#, animated using Unity.


3D Cycling Game

Interactive 3D Cycling Game

Unity 3D, C#, Casual Game

An interactive experience was required to  engage customers in store to connect them wih a strong brand exeprience.

This project involved working with hardware and integrating it with custom software. Combining the two together to create an interactive cycling game.

An actual bike had sensors which sent input to the Unity game in C#.

I was the lead programmer and level designer. Created assets in Blender and pogrammed game mechanics and logic in C#

VR Room Exeprience

Gear VR, Unity 3D

This project was created to celebrate launch of a new product in the clients head office.

A VR diorma scene was created to repersent the onsite environment.

Lead programmer and level desginer for project, created effects and aniamtions usign Unity.

AR Snowglobe

Android, Unity 3D, C#. Casual mini-game

An interactive AR application triggered by using cards.

Each card triggered a different snowglobe.

Inside there was clickable areas whichallowed the user to play mini games.

Lead programmer and environment desginer for the application.

Park VR

Park VR

Gear VR Diorama Scene

An immersive VR project to create a living and breathing park.

Worked on Level Design and Effects.

Ice Cream Mini-Game

Ice Cream Land Mini Game

iPad, Casual Game

Casual bike time trial game.

Responsible for Scripting, Animation and Effects.

Quiz Game

Quiz Game

Android, JavaScript mini-game

Movie trivia Quiz Game, answer three questions and win a prize.



Desktop PC, Space RTS Game, 

Exodus is a real time strategy game in development for Desktop PC. (Currently in development).

Responsible for Sound Design & Production.

Voyage of Kepler 186f

PlayStation Vita Mobile, FPS Game

Sold over 85 copies in USA, Europe and Japan.

Voyage of Kepler is a first person shooter / adventure game where you play as Jonathan Parker a NASA astronaut who is sent on a mission to an exoplanet to ensure survival of the human race. As Earth is all but dried up of its resources from years of human transformation and increased Co2 emissions it has become a dying rock with its time ticking away. So your mission simple seek Earths twin, but not all is as it seems.

Click here to view my dev blog.

Tiger's Maze

Android, Casual Puzzle Game

Tiger's Maze is a casual tilt game where you have to guide the ball to an exit and avoid the enemies being a group of cat's who want to spoil the fun. They will chase after the ball and push it over.

Android Project Hearing

Android Project Hearing

Open Source Project for Android written in Java.

Hearing is an important ability to human beings in which we perceive sounds. Sound waves occur over a wide spectrum of frequencies. The human ear is sensitive to a frequency band within that spectrum that is expressed in decibels (dB). Frequencies capable of being heard by humans are called audio or sonic. The range is typically considered to be between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz (Hertz).

To read more check out my report in the following link:

Golden Hadith Book

Golden Hadith Book

3D reference book app.

Collection of 200 Hadiths in a 3D book format.


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